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Frequently Asked Questions.

You have a question regarding the BMW Classic Parts Shop in general, your order or delivery times? We’ll of course answer the most important questions directly. You can reach us Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm by phone (+49 (0)800 - 60 70 700) or you can at any time send us a message through our contact form.

General information

Is it possible to shop at the same time in the BMW Classic Shop and the BMW Classic Motorrad Shop?

Yes, it is, but changing from one store to the other means losing the content of your shopping cart which is only buffered as a cookie. In case you want to shop in both stores simultaneously, you have to click on the other store which will open in a new window. There you have the possibility to start a new shopping cart. Then you can edit both shopping carts separately and at last send in two different orders.

How can I buy a part?

If you are using the part search, selecting the relevant product group and after that choosing the desired product, you getting an overview about the related parts in the bottom of the product page. By clicking on a part you will be forwarded to the detail page of the part, where you can find additional part information and ad the part to the shopping card.

Is it possible to purchase or order the BMW collections offline?

Many of the items can be purchased at your local BMW dealership. Should the item be out of stock, the dealer will be happy to order it for you.

Can I order the BMW Collections also by phone?

Unfortunately you cannot order BMW Classic Products by phone.

How will I know if my order has been received?

As soon as your order has arrived, we’ll inform you via the given Email address. This will usually happen within a few minutes.

Can I return the item?

An order can be cancelled within two weeks after the items have been received. To meet this deadline, it is enough to send the items back within these two weeks. You need not give reasons for the cancellation of your order, which can be declared in writing or by sending the items back. If the items have been deliberately damaged or destroyed, the customer must pay for the cost of the damage.

Is there a warranty of my purchased products?

Faulty products can be returned up to 24 months after receipt. The customer can assert claims against the BMW Group due to a defect in the goods by calling a toll-free number. In case you bought your products at one of our dealership stores, please contact this dealership, he will be happy to help you. For further information, please contact our customer hotline (toll-free number).

Which browser is best to view the online shop?

Firefox 25+, Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome 32+, Safari 5+

How can I order articles online?

There are six steps in the ordering process:

Step 0: Start the online order

The order is started in the Internet screen where the customer selects the desired items by clicking “Add to cart” and then starts the online ordering process by clicking the “Proceed to checkout” button. The customer sees a summary of all the items in the shopping cart and the individual and total prices under “Your order”. The number of items can be changed, they can be deleted from the shopping cart or moved to the wish list. The ordering process is continued by clicking “Proceed to checkout”.

Step 1: Customer account

If the customer already has a personal account with the BMW Classic Shop all they have to do is enter their username and password in the following screen after pressing “Proceed to checkout”. The customer goes directly to step 3 by clicking “Login”. If the customer does not have a personal account yet they have the option of setting up a personal account. After entering the required data in the registration screen they can then continue with the order. The customer also has the option of ordering items without setting up a personal account. The option is available to the customer by clicking “Purchase as guest”. The customer’s personal data is automatically encrypted using an SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer Protocol). SSL is the industry standard for transferring confidential data via the Internet. The customer’s personal data is only collected, processed and used for the purposes of processing the order in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act’s regulations. The customer goes directly to step 3 by clicking this button.

Step 2: Address options

The customer then has to provide the data required for processing (title, first name, surname, street, house number, postal code, city, country, phone number, email address, delivery options and method of payment). As a registered customer there is the option of checking the stored billing address and delivery address and adapting it as required. If the ordered goods are to be shipped to a different delivery address to the billing address, a current address can be edited or a new address can be added. The ordering process is continued by clicking “Next order step”.

Step 3: Shipping options

The customer can choose between standard delivery or express delivery. The ordering process is continued by clicking “Next order step”.

Step 4: Payment options

It is only possible to pay by credit card. The following credit cards are accepted: MasterCard, VISA Electron, VISA and American Express and JCB.

Step 5: Order summary/Change order

An order summary shows the complete order with all the contract details. The customer has the option of making changes by clicking “Edit” in the individual sections (shipping and billing address, payment method, shipping option, shopping cart) or cancelling the order by closing the browser window. The customer must enter their credit card details in this step. All the compulsory information is marked with a “*” in the input screen. To pay successfully you must enter all the information, i.e. when paying by credit card the credit card number, valid thru date, cardholder name, card verification number or CVC (three or four-digit number on the back of the card). Before clicking “Complete payment” please check if the details are correct or cancel the process by closing the browser window. The security of the payment process is guaranteed by automatic encryption using SSL protocol. The customer can submit their binding order by clicking “Complete payment”.

Step 6:

The message “Thank you for your order” is displayed once the order has been successfully placed. Shortly afterwards the customer receives the order confirmation by email.

How can I raise complaints based on defects and other complaints?

You can make complaints and assert warranty claims by calling the BMW Classic Shop customer support on +49 (0)800 - 60 70 700. You then receive a reference number to return the goods, which you should please note on the returns form enclosed with the goods. Please enclose the returns form with your returns so that we can allocate your complaint more easily and send the goods to the following address: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft (Order Service), Eichenstraße 11, 85445 Schwaig (Germany).

How long will spare parts be available for classic vehicles?

BMW Group Classic takes over responsibility for supplying spare parts around 15 years after the end of production date (EOP). The focus is on driving- and safety-related parts. Supply periods are based on statutory requirements and BMW guidelines. If you have questions about supply periods, please contact our hotline.

Why is it not possible to order heavy original BMW parts, upholstery goods supplied by meter or various electronic components via BMW Classic online Shop?

Some parts, e.g. upholstery goods supplied by meter, various electronic components or heavy parts cannot be offered at the BMW Classic online shop. Regarding delivery restrictions heavy spare parts (> 20 kg) cannot be shipped although they might be available. At your BMW branch/BMW dealership it is possible to order available parts and receive more information.

Can I see all parts numbers at the online shop?

No, the online shop shows all current available, shippable and some not available at short notice part numbers. At your local BMW branch or BMW dealership it is possible to purchase all available classic spare parts.

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Payment & security

Is it possible to pay via invoice or debit?

Since our business is international, all customers can pay only via credit card.

How will my personal data be protected?

All data given to the BMW Classic Shop, such as credit card information and Email address, are automatically coded by SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is the industrial standard for online transfer of confidential data.

Why do I have to enter the 'Card Verification Code' and where do I find it?

Payments by credit card card often require the Card Verification Code. In contrast to the credit card number and the expiry date of the card, this code does not appear on the credit card reference. This maximises the security of credit card payments over the internet. You’ll find the Card Verification Code on the back of your Visa and Euro/MasterCard (three figures) and on the front of your American Express card (four figures).

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What are the costs for the dispatch?

For standard shipping the following cost apply:

  • Standard shipping within Germany: EURO 4.90 (for orders worth less than EURO 75.00 including value-added tax)
  • Standard shipping within the EU (except Malta and Cyprus): EURO 9.90 (for orders worth less than EURO 75.00 including value-added tax)
  • Standard shipping to Malta or Cyprus: EURO 9.90 (for orders worth less than EURO 175.00 including value-added tax)

On orders worth over EURO 75.00 (including value-added tax) and EURO 175.00 (including value-added tax for Malta and Cyprus), respectively, there is no extra charge.

Does individual delivery incur extra costs?

If one of your ordered items is not available right now, we will send it as soon as possible without charging you.

How long does the delivery period last?

Standard shipments are delivered to addresses in Germany within 5 working days, to other European Union countries within 7 working days.

Is it possible to send a product to somebody as a present?

In addition to the billing address, you can optionally specify a different shipping address. This means you will be billed for the items ordered but they can be shipped to someone else. Unfortunately we are not able to offer gift wrapping at the moment.

To which countries are the items delivered?

At present we deliver to all countries of the European Union (excluding French overseas territories).

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My Account

Your Advantages

Shopping can be easy and convenient – with your personal account at the BMW Classic Shop.

A free service: setting up your account does not cost a penny and places you under no obligation. You can, of course, cancel the account at any time.

Faster, simpler and more convenient: just choose your individual user name and password and off you go. You can place an order with just a couple of clicks – and naturally your account can be set up exactly as you want it.

Just a few clicks away: you only have to set up your billing address and delivery address once – saving you valuable time when you place orders in future. Then all you do is select the billing and delivery address next time, without having to enter all the details again. Naturally you can edit your details at any time.

A clear overview: your account gives you access to your current orders at any time, allowing you to track the status of your order. In addition, all the details and items that you have already selected are stored and automatically retrieved next time you visit.

Setting up your account

During the ordering process: Simply click the selection option “Register as new customer” in the first step of the ordering process after selecting a specific product.

Or outside the ordering process: Click “Login” in the navigation, then “Register now” and you will be forwarded to the page where you can open your personal account.

User name and password

The username and password are the keys to your account at the BMW Classic Shop. You can no longer change your username once you have registered. If the username you have chosen has already been allocated to another customer please select a new name.

Come up with a password that you can remember easily and ensure that no unauthorised third party has access to your password and therefore your personal account.

Change password: If you should wish to create a new password at any time you can change it in the “My account” section under “Access and profile”.

Please note: Your username must be at least 3 characters long and your password at least 6 and it must not contain any spaces.

Forgotten your password? No problem. Simply click “Forgotten your password?” under “Login”. You are then forwarded to a page where you can request your new password.

Wish lists

A wish list is a bit like a shopping list.

  • You can enter your planned purchases on various wish lists and save them.
  • You can view, change, add to or delete your wish lists at any time.
  • You can choose the names that you give your wish lists.

If you save a product on a wish list this does not in any way mean that you have to buy it. The wish lists are there merely to remind you of items that are of interest to you and that you may want to buy or give as gifts in the future.

Login and logout

You can log into our shop site at any time by clicking the navigation item “Login”. To log out, simply click “Logout” in the navigation and you will be leave the secure personal area.

Changing your account details

Would you like to change any of your personal details? No problem: under “My account”, click “Personal details” and log in with your user name and password – then you can make all the changes you like.

Order Tracking

Order tracking allows you to follow the progress of your order(s). For this purpose we direct you to the website of our shipping partner, where you simply enter your consignment number to check the whereabouts of your order. You can track your order by clicking on the “Order Tracking” link under “Help & Service”. You can find your order consignment number in your shipping confirmation.

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Historic motorsport

Can I buy historic motorsport parts at the online shop?

You can find the parts catalog of historic motorsport parts here:

To epc.
Just use the link “Zum elektronischen Teilekatalog” in the lower area of the website and the default credentials (username „eu111111“, password „bmwetk1“) for login.

Unfortunately it is not possible to buy these parts at the online shop. But your BMW dealership will be pleased to assist you.

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